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This list provides an overview of cataloguing progress, indicating which Tavistock Institute projects have now been catalogued and are available for viewing at Wellcome Library. Click on a project name to be redirected to the Wellcome Library online catalogue.

This list is a work-in-progress and will be added to as cataloguing continues throughout this project.

War Officer Selection Board SA/TIH/B/2/1/1, 11 boxes
War Office Selection Boards, or WOSBs, were a scheme devised by British Army psychiatrists during World War II to select potential officers for the British Army. They replaced an earlier method, the Command Interview Board, and were the precursors to today’s Army Officer Selection Boards.

Civil Resettlement Units SA/TIH/B/2/1/2, 2 boxes

Civil Resettlement Units, or CRUs, were a scheme created during World War II to help British Army servicemen who had been prisoners of war (POWs) to return to civilian life, and to help their families and communities to adjust to having them back.

Glacier Metal Company (Glacier Project) SA/TIH/B/2/2, 1 box.

The project saw research work into the social aspects of industrial organisation, undertaken jointly by the company and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. The research considered the labour turnover process in two factories, and served to address industrial relations problems, identifying culture as a key element for intervention in organisational life.

National Coal Board (NCB) SA/TIH/B/2/3, 11 boxes

A sociotechnical approach, the project explored how workers responded to changing technologies in the workplace, following the shift from conventional to composite working in longwall coal mining, including investigations into how these changes impacted work satisfaction, productivity, and employee engagement.

Textile industry cotton mill studies: Ahmedabad Manufacturing and Calico Printing Co. Ltd / Ludlow Mills SA/TIH/B/2/4, 5 boxes

The textile industry studies adopted socio-technical methods developed during the National Coal Board studies, and applied these to cotton mills. The Tavistock Institute worked with the Calico Mills in a Development Group to address the general social and production problems of the mills.

Banstead Hospital SA/TIH/B/2/5, 1 box

Tavistock Institute conducted a field study of the hospital’s systems, structure and organisation with emphasis placed on the governmental or management aspects of the hospital structure.

Napsbury Hospital SA/TIH/B/2/6, 3 files

A study of the mental health institution was conducted by the Tavistock Institute in the 1950s. The work consisted of interviews with clinical and domestic staff and field work concerned with the organisation, systems and structure of the hospital.

Royal Wanstead School SA/TIH/B/2/7, 2 files

A Tavistock Institute study of a residential educational institution for vulnerable young people facing abuse, neglect or trauma at home. The study investigated and assisted in the rebuilding of Royal Wanstead junior schools at Sawbridgeworth, and how to provide the most acceptable conditions for younger children at the school.

Automation Project SA/TIH/B/2/8, 5 boxes

This project focused on examples of automated technologies in the process industries which affect the character of the enterprise as a whole in its external as well as its internal relations. A series of organisations were chosen  in which a high level of automation has been established for different lengths of time.

Unilever Companies’ Management Development Scheme (UCMDS) SA/TIH/B/2/9, 14 boxes

The Unilever Companies’ Management Development Scheme (UCMDS) was in introduced in 1952, replacing the Management Training Scheme which had been in operation since 1927. The aim was to identify and appraise the performance and potential of managers, and to recruit strong management potential into the organisation.

Evidence provided to the Salmon Committee on senior nursing staff structure SA/TIH/B/2/10, 1 file

Papers and correspondence relating to Isabel Menzies’ involvement in the Salmon Committee Report on senior nursing staff structure, to which she provided written evidence on behalf of the Tavistock Institute.

Research into the Principles of Kitchen Design SA/TIH/B/2/11, 1 file

Papers relating to a study proposed by Isabel Menzies into the principles of kitchen design.

Farmers’ Weekly, Reality Magazine consumer research SA/TIH/B/2/12, 1 file

Isabel Menzies’ consumer research on behalf of Tavistock Institute into a new magazine for women, Reality published by Farmers’ Weekly.

Unilever Kitchen Audit SA/TIH/B/2/13, 3 files

The Kitchen Audit aimed at increasing Unilever’s ability to anticipate and response to consumer trends in food eating patterns. Research was undertaken by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in cooperation with the Unilever Marketing Division on the motivation of consumer behaviour and attitudes towards food

The Nuffield Provincial Hospitals Trust: study of domestic workers at the Royal Hospital, Wolverhampton SA/TIH/B/2/14, 1 file

A pilot study was conducted by The Industrial Welfare Society and The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, at the Royal Hospital, Wolverhampton, of domestic workers in the hospital (Aug-Sep 1947).

LCC / Tavistock Clinic “Neighbourhood Clinic” Project SA/TIH/B/2/15, 1 file

In 1953, the Joint Working Party of the LCC and Tavistock Clinic on Preventative Mental Health in the Maternity and Child Welfare Service was formed. in 1957, a working party was established which included Clinic staff (a psychiatrist, a psychiatric social worker, a child psychotherapist, and a psychologist), as well as a member of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in an advisory capacity. This group was established to plan how to set up the new neighbourhood service, and how to integrate this new project with the other main clinic activities.

A K Rice consultancy work: 1960s SA/TIH/B/2/16, 1 box

Includes: Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR); Wates Ltd: Building and Civil Engineering Contractors; Chestnut Lodge, Rockville, Maryland, consultancy; British International Paper Ltd consultancy; Holloway Prison: proposal for a study of a local prison as a total system; Bernard Wardle and Co Ltd consultancy; Donald Macpherson and Co consultancy; Industrial Training Service (ITS) consultancy; Staflex International Ltd; Yale University School of Medicine; The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Reeves and Sons Ltd  SA/TIH/B/2/17, 3 files

The object of this study was to examine recruitment and selection at Reeves and Sons Ltd, a manufacturer of art materials, examining four supervisory posts, two in manufacturing and two in sales.

Hovis/ McDougall Ltd SA/TIH/B/2/18, 3 files

A K Rice and Eric Miller undertook work on behalf of the Tavistock Institute with Hovis / McDougall Ltd, to assiste with recruitment and selection at the company.

Walls (Ice Cream) Project SA/TIH/B/2/19, 1 file (in 2 parts)

A study of Walls (Ice Cream) depots and their structure and organisation, conducted by Eric Miller and Gurth Higgin.

Martins the Cleaners SA/TIH/B/2/20, 3 files

A survey of the marketing approach of Martins the Cleaners.

Civil Service Dispersal Project SA/TIH/B/2/21, 13 boxes 

The Tavistock Institute undertook a project to investigate the human aspects of the dispersal of Civil Service departments from London to other areas of the country. Following a review by Sir Gilbert Flemming in 1963 self-contained units of work were dispersed from London. In 1971, Sir Henry Hardman undertook a review of further dispersal possibilities. One of the studies forming part of the Hardman Review was the commission of the Tavistock Institute of Human Resources to undertake research and make recommendations.

Shell-Mex and BP SA/TIH/B/22, 4 boxes   

In 1965 Shell launched a project directed towards the restructure of the organisation to improve attitudes among its personnel and implement a participative management philosophy and style. The Tavistock Institute were employed to aid the senior management team of Shell in implementing the new organisational style.

British European Airways SA/TIH/B/2/23, 2 boxes

The Tavistock Institute worked alongside a committee consisting of members of senior management from British European Airways to undertake an organisational change study within the environment of a transport company.

Richard Thomas & Baldwins Project SA/TIH/B/2/24, 10 boxes

The Richard Thomas & Baldwins project was an action research opportunity to collaborate in the building of the most modern steelworks in Europe. The TIHR worked alongside the company to break existing management constraints and develop a new organisational structure to best match the modern technologies available.

Pet Ownership and Pet Food Advertising SA/TIH/B/2/25, 1 box

A collaborative project with Intersacan, Bensons and Spillers to investigate the attitudes of pet owners towards the advertisement of pet food. The Tavistock Institute were also involved in related projects to assess the nature of pet ownership, including the human factors in the decision to own a pet and which type of pet to own, and the role of the pet in family relations.

Richmond Child Guidance Clinic SA/TIH/B/2/26, 1 file

Papers relating to an experiment by Eric Miller and Robin Higgins aimed at increasing the effectiveness of Richmond Child Guidance Clinic in dealing with referrals and re-conceptualising treatment as a social process to best relate to the needs of children.

Associated British Wallpaper Manufacturers SA/TIH/B/2/27, 1 file

A collaborative project undertaken by A.K. Rice on behalf of the Tavistock Institute Centre for Applied Social Research to determine the qualities and personality characteristics that constitute a good wallpaper set maker.

Bayer Products SA/TIH/B/2/28, 1 file

A study of the social and psychological factors in the role of the Bayer Products representative.

Aberfan Disaster SA/TIH/B/2/29, 1 file

A consultative project working in Aberfan with the co-ordinating committee representing the community. Tavistock Institute offered consultation and support to individuals and groups and aided communication with official bodies.

Esso Tankers, Marine Department Project SA/TIH/B/2/30, 4 files

With the emergence of integrated crews and new tanker designs, the Tavistock Institute Human Resources Centre was invited to undertake a collaborative research study to gain further understanding of the needs of seafarers at work in order that the Esso Marine Department could relate its personnel policies more accurately to the realities of the situations faced while working at sea.

Lyons Career Planning SA/TIH/B/2/31, 1 file

Hugh Murray undertook work on behalf of the Tavistcok Institute to assist J. Lyons and Co. with developing and implementing a careers development plan.

Walls (ice Cream) Labour Turnover project SA/TIH/B/2/32, 1 file

A study concerning the problems of labour turnover at Walls (Ice Cream).

Evershed & Vignoles SA/TIH/B/2/33, 1 file

Project to improve the effectiveness of supervision at Evershed & Vignoles.

Sarabhai Chemicals Group project SA/TIH/B/2/34, 1 file

A.K. Rice undertook work on behalf of the Tavistock Institute to assist Sarabhai Chemicals and its various associated companies in a reorganisation project.

Staflex International Ltd SA/TIH/B/2/35, 1 file

Work undertaken by J.M.M. Hill on behalf of the Tavistock Institute to develop an appraisal system for roles within the organisation.

British Petroleum (BP) Project SA/TIH/B/2/36 1 file (in 2 parts)

Geraldine Gwynne undertook collaborative work with the Central Staff Department of British Petroleum to conduct a survey of attitudes of staff towards the organisation.

Communications in the Building Industry research project SA/TIH/B/2/37, 1 file

This was a project undertaken collaboratively by the National Consultative Committee of Architects, Quantity Surveyors & Builders and the Tavistock Institute Human Resources Centre and Institute of Operational Research to assess the issues of communication in the building industry, primarily between Surveyors, Architects and Builders.

Chestnut Lodge SA/TIH/B/2/38, 1 file

A.K. Rice undertook work on behalf of the Tavistock Institute to assist in the reorganisation of Chestnut Lodge Inc. America; a psychotheraputic treatment centre for patients with physcosis and other mental illnesses.

Iliffe-NTP International, SA/TIH/B/2/39, 1 file

Eric Miller undertook work on behalf of the Tavistock Institute to assist a research project on the interpersonal communications in the subsidiary publishing companies of Iliffe-NTP International.

Lever Brothers and Associates SA/TIH/B/2/40, 1 file (in 2 parts)

This project was a collaborative project with Lever Brothers & Associates to assess the issues and opportunities involved in the reorganisation of the company, including the amalgamation of companies to create unity in Unilever, and the development of new roles for its representatives.

Scot Meat Products recruitment project SA/TIH/B/2/41, 1 file

A project undertaken by J.M.M. Hill to assist with recruiting personnel for Scot Meat.

Clarkson Booker Holiday Company SA/TIH/B/2/42, 1 box

In 1965, Clarkson Booker Holiday Company sought the assistance of the Tavistock Institute to assess and analyse the brochures used in advertising their holidays in relation to competing companies.

Irish Tourist Board SA/TIH/B/2/43, 1 box

The Tavistock Institute undertook research on behalf of the Irish Tourist Board to assess reasons for taking holidays, the feelings and motivations behind taking a holiday, and attitudes towards holidays in Ireland itself.

Lewis Group: Departmental Store Usage SA/TIH/B/2/44, 1 box

The Lewis Group who owned department stores across the country, mainly in the North, approached the Tavistock Institute to assist in research to elucidate trends in department store usage and to assess the Lewis Group image, particularly in the south of the country where they had less of a presence.

Worker Participation in British Rail SA/TIH/B/2/45, 1 file (in 2 parts)

The Tavistock Institute was approached by the Ministry of Transport to collaborate with British Railways to assess the opinions and attitudes of British Rail employees to worker participation.

Mental Health Services: Centre de Sante Publique at Soissons SA/TIH/B/2/46, 1 box

Isabel Menzies undertook work on behalf of the Tavistock Institute, in collaboration with the World Health Organisation, to assess the work of child guidance clinics in Soissons, France and make recommendations about future developments in mental health work with children.

Teeside University Study SA/TIH/B/2/47, 1 file

Hugh Murray undertook work on behalf of the Tavistock Institute Human Resources Centre to assess the social aspects of the plan to develop a university on a site in Teeside.

Civil Service Department: Scientists and Technologists  SA/TIH/B/2/48, 2 files

The Ministry of Technology approached the Tavistock Institute to assist with research on the mobility of scientists and technologists between different sectors of the economy and the factors which promote or impede their movement.

Fulton Committee on the Civil Service SA/TIH/B/2/49, 1 file (in 2 parts)

The Fulton Committee on Civil Service recruitment and selection approached the Tavistock Institute to provide evidence and advise on new methods of selection for the Civil Service recruitment procedure.

Study of managerial decision-making SA/TIH/B/2/50, 2 files

Frank Heller directed an international project on behalf of the Tavistock Institute Human Resources Centre, sponsored by the Social Science Research Council, to research and analyse the management processes at senior levels in a variety of companies in industrialised countries across Europe and in America.

Projects soon to be released include: Fairhaven, Jebsens, Mexico Organisational Development, National Union of Seamen, Nitrigin Eireann Teoranta (NET)…