social dreaming illustration

Social Dreaming Matrix #1: Friday 24th June, 2016, 2pm-3.15pm: Wellcome Collection Reading Room Facilitation and write-up: Juliet Scott, Mannie Sher An additional social context was offered for this matrix as it took place the morning after the UK’s referendum on leaving the European Union. Many participants came from the Wellcome Collection States of Mind exhibition. 32 people […]

Alice White who has recently completed PhD research using the archive writes.

As the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations’ (TIHR) archives are being catalogued, ready to be opened up to new audiences, I have been thinking a lot about access to knowledge generally, and to knowledge about the TIHR’s history specifically …

social dreaming illustration

Social Dreaming Matrices at the Wellcome Library Reading room – starting Friday 24th June

If dreams are in part the expression of our unconscious, can we work with the archive as the unconscious of organisational life? […]