The stock of the Tavi Institute is 70 and we are celebrating its rich history with a true festive bang! ….

The 70th anniversary of the Tavistock Institute is a significant achievement that deserves all our admiration and attention. 

Congratulations on organizing yet another incredible festival.

We so wish that we could be there with all of you on this special occasion….

From the Archive


“I rather dislike the idea of being written down to”

From the Archive



“Distribution of cake eating (& biscuits for women) on weekdays in winter for regions”

From the Archive


“We do not need theories so much as the experience…”

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‘The anxiety about Hair.’

From the Archive


‘Oh, why doesn’t someone make more plain chocolate biscuits?’

From the Archive

‘What do you want from work?’

'What do you want from work?'

‘…make something beautiful’