On Thursday 7th November just before 10am, a group of us gathered at St. Luke’s Community Centre in Shoreditch, ready to begin an exploratory day that would delve deep into the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations’ (TIHR) archive. As the Tavistock Institute’s CEO Dr Eliat Aram stated in her opening speech, art has a way […]

A symposium exploring the Tavistock Institute’s archive.

Join us for an exploratory day, including lunch, on 7 November, looking at the significance of the Tavistock Institute’s archive and the emerging practice of researching it. Continue reading

‘IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT BREXIT!!’ (But quite a lot of it is…) The second Social Dreaming matrix of this series at the Wellcome Library involved 13 people, 10 of whom were there from the start, 3 who joined during the hour. 1 left during review mode. 17 dreams About 33 associations or reflections As the […]

Facilitated by Richard Allen and Dr Sadie King Notes from the first of four Social Dreaming Matrices to be held at the Wellcome Library this November where dreams, archive and the wider social context meet together to make sense of the world around us. The dreams were hard to come by in this matrix of […]

Exciting events coming up in the Wellcome Library Reading Room NHS at 70 and TIHR! Bringing together our ongoing archive work, the success of the arts interventions, exhibitions and performances at TIHR’s 70th-anniversary festival and this year’s 70thanniversary celebrations of the NHS we are excited to announce the following events to be held in October […]

Juliet Scott, Festival Director, Lead Curator of the TIHR archiving work and now Tavistockian announces the launch of the Festival ArchLive with a personal account of her own memories and experiences of the festival…

Notes from Festival Social Dreaming Matrices #4: Fri 20 Oct 2017 Friday 20th October 10.30-11.45, Wellcome Collection Reading Room Hosts: Tim Dartington and Debra Noumair Context:  There were 32 people joining the matrix this morning. There was some boundary issues with the announcement for the matrix being a little late and some participants reluctant to sit in the chairs […]

Notes from Festival Social Dreaming Matrices #3: Thurs 19 Oct 2017 Thursday 19th October 10.30-11.45, Wellcome Collection Reading Room Hosts: Tim Dartington and Mira Erlich- Ginor Context: There were about 30 participants with a 1 to 10 male female ratio mixed ages and a variety of accents of people from different countries. 9 dreams were offered to the matrix. Content: An […]

Notes from Festival Social Dreaming Matrices #2: Wed 18 Oct 2017 Wednesday 18th October 10.30-11.45, Wellcome Collection Reading Room Hosts: Franca Fubini and Matt Gieve(NB. We changed our designation from Facilitator to Host) Context: 25-30 participants present 19 were dreams presented Content: Several key themes emerged from the dreams and association of the second dreaming matrix. The matrix was […]