65 participants 15 dreams Dozens of associations Dream 1: A house under construction could see old brick walls. Could see cement on household. Space for windows there but not put in. Frames, just empty spaces. Could see the empty spaces but no one there. I was flying in the air looking at the spaces. Dream 2: […]

If we were to give the session a title it would be: Lemon Drop Soup to the Superhero
• 48 participants – about 34 female/ 14 male
• We lost count of dreams.. and associations..

If we didn’t know the context of the dreams, would we have been able to guess that they were dreamt during Covid-19 times? 59 participants – about 35 female/ 25 male 16 dreams 22 associations Themes: Going to unfamiliar places Beaches / Bitches Nature is nature Extinct Elm trees Felines: tiger, jaguar, kittens Lack of […]

What do we want to save?  A tension between being a part of something and being apart.  Is something being born, but the gestation is beyond what we are used to. 41 participants – about 28 female / 13 male 14 dreams 50 associations Themes: Invasion Sin and punishment Babies Death Noah’s Ark The Ferryman […]

During this matrix, everyone had their video off and were on mute unless they were speaking – an invitation to the unconscious. 46 participants – about 30 female/16 male 20 dreams 26 associations Themes: Boundaries – blurred and strict Fear and anger Overwhelm Authority – contradiction and ambiguity Sacrifice Ethics and justice What new world […]