Are you a Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) historian? As part of the TIHR archive project we have been working on developing the biographies of TIHR employees, past and present. These profiles will help to enhance the catalogue and provide key information that will be useful for researching the archive and the people who […]

This time the review began with a shorter social dreaming matrix

Facilitation: Valerie Brown and Mannie Sher

10 people were present, 6 dreams and 11 associations were made […]


On a blue skied Monday in July I made my way to Euston station to join Elena Carter, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relation’s (TIHR) archivist, at the Wellcome Trust. This was the first day of my short placement where I was helping to catalogue the remaining registered document series reports (SA/TIH/B/1) before they were released in early September. As an apprentice at the TIHR opportunities come in a variety of places and as a member of the archive project team it seemed appropriate that I would be able to interact with the material and learn more about how the TIHR became what I now know it to be …

Inspirational walk St Dunstans in the East

We all know the route we take every day to work; we know what corner to turn and what road to cross. We know what line to take and what change to make as we reluctantly descend the escalators where we cram onto a literal tube filled with people we don’t know yet hate even before we see their faces. However, maybe we didn’t know that our favourite pub to go for drinks with colleagues is actually the oldest pub in town […]