38 participants 18 dreams and 38 associations Preoccupation with female authority, the body, and birth apocalyptic dreams and association perhaps associated with the fear of a second wave of the virus Feelings of loss expressed by members at the lower number of participants perhaps to do with the fact although it is constantly stated that […]

49 participants 13 dreams and 49 associations – many more associations than dreams – disappointment in hosts vs trying to please by following suggestions – no direct mentioning of Covid-19, maybe indirectly: abundance; shrimps jumping, nature coming in. – looking for giant fathers – looking for the missed, longed for hug for mothers – abandonment […]

Participants: 55 9 dreams Over 50 associations Themes: Rollercoaster of emotions: (overwhelming, intense, sad, angry, loss, helplessness, guilt, shame) Mine as a container: (Digging for the unknown. The SDM is like a mine. Images of being stuck in a mine. The fear of a mine being a landmine. In mines can be hidden dangers (like […]

Participants: 58 13 dreams Over 40 associations Themes: Longing for connection: (how will we connect without shared memories, without touching) The falling apart and estrangement of self: (strange deserted houses; rooms are connected yet detached; Zoom as a metaphor for experience in pandemic; looking into each other’s houses) Loss of Smell and Perfume: (symptom of […]

51 participants 12 dreams Over 30 associations Main Themes: Search for common language, being connected. Yet the competition, fragmentation across borders. Who has the knowledge? who knows the truth? We were all in one, experiencing pandemia, the world in lockdown; as we move out of lockdown, social distancing shows its effect: isolation, differences, classes and […]

On Thursday 7th November just before 10am, a group of us gathered at St. Luke’s Community Centre in Shoreditch, ready to begin an exploratory day that would delve deep into the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations’ (TIHR) archive. As the Tavistock Institute’s CEO Dr Eliat Aram stated in her opening speech, art has a way […]

This post by Karen Kiss, an archive student working with the Born Digital material, explores the Tavistock Institute’s archives on its annual Leicester conference, highlighting the importance of the reports and feedback written about the event and the ethical considerations linked to working with them. The archives blog has explored many of the fascinating documents […]

Exploring responses to the Tavistock Institute’s Archive. A Tavistock Institute Annual Symposium On the 7th November 2019, we will host a one-day Symposium in central London exploring responses to the Tavistock Institute’s Archive. The Tavistock Institute has a heritage of participatory research and professional development work. It is in this spirit that we wish to hear […]

Niamh Bailey – Student in Fine Art: Sculpture at University of the Arts London To a student whose work is deeply rooted in ideas surrounding categorisation and dissociation, the archived files of a continuously self-aware organisation proved an engaging read.  The following text is an amalgamation of personal reflections from working with The Tavistock Institute […]