24th September 2019


A symposium exploring the Tavistock Institute’s archive.

Join us for an exploratory day, including lunch, on 7 November, looking at the significance of the Tavistock Institute’s archive and the emerging practice of researching it.

The day will include presentations, a ‘Pop-up’ showcase from the Wellcome Collection in response to the research potential of the Tavistock Institute’s material, lively discussions with those researching the archive, artists, performance and plenty of opportunities for exchanging ideas and networking.

Archives come alive in the moments when people engage with them as part of their own emerging research and practice.

In 2017, the archive of the Tavistock Institute was launched at the Wellcome Collection and was the centrepiece of TIHR’s 70th Festival: Reimagining Human Relations in Our Time making 70+ years’ of heritage and legacy available to scholarly, practitioner and public users alike, for the first time.

Since its launch, the Institute’s archive has been the second most frequently consulted of the archives held at the Wellcome Collection and continues to resonate with current work in evaluation, research and consultancy at the Institute.

Archive-A-Live! asks these questions:

  • What does it mean to research within the archive?
  • What are the dynamics, thoughts, feelings that are thrown up by delving into the Institute’s history?
  • What can scientists and practitioners learn from researching the archive and how does it influence their work?

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Thursday, 7 November 2019
9.30 am – 4.30 pm
St. Luke’s Community Centre, London, EC1V 8AJ

Register to attend

For further information, please contact Becki Skitrall: b.skitrall@tavinstitute.org


Image: Juliet Scott, Good Bicycle, Bad Bicycle, 2017

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