Social Matters and Dreaming Series SDM#3 Hosts: Juliet Scott and Bongsu Park 18 participants and 3 staff on Zoom Dreams: 10 Associations: 41 Sensemaking: After two intense sessions, this third, last Social Dreaming Matrix seemed to conclude with a feeling that there is always sunshine after the storm. After winter comes spring, after cold days […]

Social Matters and Dreaming Series SDM#2 Hosts: Juliet Scott and Bongsu Park 15 participants and 3 staff on Zoom Dreams: 9 Associations: 34 Metaphors: danger; climate change; a sense of missing out/being too late; water/ocean; familiarity; tension between the real and the unreal; real/fake binary; the unknown; swimming pools; Frida Kahlo’s eyebrows; are we breathing […]

Social Matters and Dreaming Series SDM #1 Hosts: Juliet Scott and Bongsu Park Dreamers: 24 Dreams 7.  Associations 33. Themes: Elemental; energy; life choices personal and societal. The choices and uncertainty precede white horses across many cultures and time; unicorns; BlackUnicornsMatter; the feminine; healing and reconnection through the horse. Dualism of black and white horses. […]

SDM 15 Dreamers: 30 Dreams: 7 Associations: 46 Hosts: Eliat Aram, Leslie Brissett, Franca Fubini, Debra Noumair THEMES There was a sense of community that pervaded the matrix, many attended or expressed a wish to attend every matrix in this series. An expression about the different quality of listening in this matrix, people associating in […]

Dreamers: 22 Dreams: 7 Associations: 41 Themes Messed up, violence women have to do when men experience themselves as helpless; taking paper from jacket, saw her violence towards her father. One leggedness – being a little bit crippled – behaviour also like that  ABUSE; hidden abuse – father (biological and in religion) – found to […]

  SDM 13 – 10 June 2021 Dreams: 10 Associations: 42 Themes and Hypothesis This matrix felt very heavy. What are the best ways to be in nature and society Fear of the future – of a less human future, fear of change, fear of doing things differently, Fear of contamination –  hybrids, cuckoos in […]

Hosts: Rachel Kelly, Debra Noumair, Carlos Remotti-Breton, Juliet Scott Dreamers: 32 or 33 Dreams: 11 Associations: 53 Themes and Hypothesis No 3: Father, son and holy ghost; priest What it means to be a practitioner right now – desire for this sensemaking space – privileged but essential. Regular people – from India, US, UK, Europe – […]

Hosts: Eliat Aram, Franca Fubini, Monica Velarde, Uma Ravikumar  9 dreams and about 35 associations D1:  I was in a theater and on the stage,  there were 3 entertainers, 2 men and a woman. They were multitalented they could sing, dance, play music. He was very pleased with the offer. At the end of the […]

32 people attended. Hosts: Eliat Aram, Carlos Remote-Breton, Franca Fubini, Patricia Kummel Dream 1: Classical concert: beautiful symphony in a beautiful open theater.  I am in line to buy tickets. I want to buy tickets in the balcony.  Ticket taker is protected from COVID by screens.  Three women are pressing from behind.  I say “You should […]

Hosts and Notes: Rachel Kelly, Heather Stradling, Martha Mens, Susan Long 29 dreamers 6 dreams 51 associations Themes:  Polarities and splits: life and death, heaven and hell, the frozen and the fire, war and freedom, the haves and have nots, dreams and reality. The Matrix felt heavy – as if the dark side of the split held […]